Safer 2020 Study

A multicenter, prospective clinical trial evaluating the possibility of a patient making a safe and independent decision on the use of the medicinal product Maxigra 50 mg, film-coated tablet (sildenafil) for erectile dysfunction.

Dear Sir/Madam,
Dear Doctor,

We invite you to participate in a multicenter clinical trial aimed at determining patients' awareness of their health status for the safe and independent use of a medicinal product containing sildenafil, without the supervision of a doctor.

The diagnostic and therapeutic process is a set of interrelated actions. Each of them is a consequence of certain decisions and carries specific clinical consequences. Therefore, it is so important to verify the patient's knowledge and ability to make the right decision, which in consequence will not lead to medical dilemmas.

The obtained results will be a step towards changing the availability category of the medicinal product and thus increase the chances of patients with erectile dysfunction to have more convenient access to treatment. From the perspective of the study goal, your active participation is crucial to the success of the whole project.

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