Physicians' preferences and therapeutic regimens used
in maintenance treatment of schizophrenia.

Dear Doctor,

With great pleasure, we would like to invite you to participate in a nationwide research program entitled "Physicians' preferences and therapeutic regimens used in maintenance treatment of schizophrenia". The aim of this program is to understand the preferences of psychiatrists in the treatment of schizophrenia and the most commonly used treatment regimens.

Schizophrenia poses a significant challenge to medicine. How can we treat it more effectively? This is a question that every doctor who has patients with schizophrenia in their practice surely asks themselves. The disease requires early detection, as well as ongoing patient-doctor cooperation during therapy and adherence to medical recommendations, which leads to more effective treatment of schizophrenia and better disease control. Do patients willingly undergo follow-up tests? What arguments do doctors use to encourage patients to undergo tests and adhere to recommendations? What does the current landscape of therapy for patients with schizophrenia look like? We will strive to find answers to these and other pressing questions in our study. Those of you who choose to accept our invitation will be provided with an electronic observation questionnaire after registering and signing the online agreement


The survey consists of 15 questions that you should complete for each subsequent patient who appears in your office. The project will run from February 13, 2017, to May 30, 2017. Providing accurate, careful, and comprehensive answers to all survey questions will allow us to obtain information and formulate conclusions that will be made available to you in the end.

If you are interested in participating in the study, please register in the system and sign the online agreement.


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