Modern electronic tools for collection, processing and storage of clinical trial data. Cloud based environment is designed to allow easy access and to meet all regulatory requirements. With web based access data are available in rael-time increasing flow of information and oversight of the project.


Modern data collection system for clinical and observational studies. Modular eCRF system, made specifically to cater to the scientific needs of the pharmaceutical sector. enables you to make the move to electronic forms easily and safely.

Form, Connection, Vacation, Monitoring, Verification, Quality Check, Trial


This novel solution brings together electronic Trial Master Files (eTMF) with electronic Investigator Site Files (eISF), integrating their features into a single system.

Document, Signaturs, Security, Quality Check, IPR - Invesicational Product Relase.


CTMS is available online and offline with an integrated background synchronization system. The application allows you to easily access and use the most recent data, and to write visit reports at any time, any place. Our document creation engine makes it simple to prepare reports and dashboards using your patients' data imported from the eCRF, write and finalise visit reports, and manage grant payments as well.

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